A Champion for Children and Youth


Children and young people embody our future. It is our responsibility as adults to make sure we are preparing them to thrive in our rapidly changing world and global economy. For us to become the village we want to see, we have to create a community culture that nurtures and celebrates Northside young people as they grow up and mature.

As the City Councilmember for the 4th Ward, I will be a tireless advocate for Northside youth. My experience as a youth worker and youth policy advocate in City Hall* has prepared me to step up even more for youth in my new role as a Councilmember.

Youth can count on me as an ally and champion.

North Minneapolis has one of the highest concentration of young people in the city. Building on existing relationships, I will work with Minneapolis Public Schools and Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board to build a youth-friendly 4th Ward.

A champion for positive youth development: