A Champion for Community Health

In order for the 4th Ward to thrive, we must be healthy.

Although the City of Minneapolis doesn’t have oversight over our local healthcare systems, there are lots of ways it plays a critical role in improving public health ranging from sexual health to road redevelopment. The Northside currently lacks a champion for our community’s health.

Photo credit: Debbie Tallen

Photo credit: Debbie Tallen

As a Councilmember, I will reach out to collaborate with North Memorial, Fremont Clinic, other health organizations to increase awareness of and access to physical and mental health services. I will fight to bring innovative opportunities like Next Step to our community.

Through this collaboration, the City can bring its public health work to the table to grow resources and opportunities throughout the 4th Ward.

As the Councilmember for the 4th Ward, I will be a champion for improving our community’s overall health by:

  • Collaborating with healthcare providers in the community to spread awareness of their work and identify and support gaps in service.

  • Promoting walking and biking by advocating for street development projects that follow the Complete Streets policy.

  • Improving access to fresh food.

  • Addressing trauma experienced by adults and young people in our community.

  • Decreasing water pollution through increasing community gardens and green spaces to lower rainwater runoff that pollutes the Mississippi River.