A Champion for Environmental Justice

Photo credit: Debbie Tallen

Photo credit: Debbie Tallen

Building community wealth is more than just more money in people’s pockets (although that does help, too). We cannot call ourselves a prosperous community if the air we breathe and the environment around us continues to make us sick. It is unacceptable that North Minneapolis has the highest concentration of asthma and lead poisoning

Decision-makers have put the health of people of color and low income workers at risk by allowing North Minneapolis to be the dumping grounds for the rest of the city. This is extremely unjust.

I will be a different kind of leader. I will bring to the center of the conversation the experiences of communities like ours in North Minneapolis who have been forced to bear the brunt of environmental racism. I will fight for direct investments in improving the health and life experience of Northsiders who have been negatively impacted.

We must move towards long-term sustainability through 100% renewable electricity and energy. I support creating a new dedicated funding source for investing in clean energy and energy efficiency, starting with those who need the most assistance: low income people, renters, and small businesses. The roadmaps are there: the Climate Action Plan, the City’s adopted Energy Vision, and work that was led by City staff and Siemens on the City Performance Tool.

That last initiative shows that our 80% goal is achievable, but only if the City takes aggressive action to transform the way we heat and cool buildings, reach 100% renewable energy throughout our city, electrify transportation and move more trips from cars to transit, walking and biking.

The current Ward 4 Council Member has not led on any of these issues and has actively opposed some of them. She was one of only two votes against a resolution divesting City’s funds from fossil fuel industries, in addition to the steps she took to undermine the Clean Energy Partnership.

Photo credit: Debbie Tallen

Photo credit: Debbie Tallen

We rely on the environment for our survival and I believe it deserves the protections of personhood. We must protect both it and the community.

As the Councilmember for the 4th Ward, I will be a champion for environmental justice by:

  • Incorporating long-term environmental sustainability into decision-making as our city grows

  • Working with City Departments to get out into the community to engage Northsiders in efforts to reduce our waste stream

  • Collaborating with Minnesota Commerce Department to increase the amount of weatherized single-family homes

  • Increase the Northside’s biodiversity and wildlife habitats in partnership with Minneapolis Parks

  • Decreasing pollution through increasing community gardens and green spaces to lower rainwater runoff that pollutes the Mississippi River.