A Champion for Housing Stability and Increased Homeownership

Housing is a basic human right. Everyone needs and deserves a safe place they can afford to call home.
Minneapolis is experiencing a population boom and 30,000 more people are expected to move here before the end of the decade.

MN Compass - 2015

MN Compass - 2015

With Minneapolis currently facing a less than 2% vacancy rate, it’s not a matter of if, but when we will run out of places to live. As the housing supply dwindles and rent prices increase, people have already begun moving to North Minneapolis because of affordability relative to the region...

But what does this mean for those who already call the Northside home and can’t afford it?

For the sake of the future of North Minneapolis, we need courageous leaders in City Hall now more than ever who are going to act with urgency addressing this housing crisis while also stabilizing Northsiders, particularly through increasing ownership opportunities.

While serving our community, I will never forget that so many Northside families are one rent hike or eviction notice away from homelessness.

As the City Councilmember for the 4th Ward, I will champion and grow housing for ALL residents in the 4th Ward by:

  • Increasing housing stability and pathways to homeownership to create individual and family wealth.

  • Developing density along commercial corridors to create more available residential and commercial spaces.

  • Rehabilitating naturally occurring affordable housing. Ex: by investing in the rehabilitation of existing single-family homes and multiunit apartment buildings that are vacant, but need work to be brought up to code.

  • Working in partnership with local organizations to build a Northside Renters Union to build collective voice and increase renters’ access to needed resources and opportunities.

  • Expanding the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

  • Defining “affordable housing” at the neighborhood level. The average household income in the 4th Ward is almost $13,000 lower than the average income across the whole city. Despite this, “affordable housing” means is currently defined the same for everyone.