TransGriot: Phillipe Is Running For Minneapolis City Council

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If we are ever going to get that trans congress member or senator, we are going to have to get to the point in which we elect trans people to large city councils on a regular basis.

We do a good job getting people elected to smaller city councils, but congressional candidates are selected by the major parties from people who have won state judgeships, large city council elections, state legislative and state senate races just for starters.

I met Phillipe Cunningham during the recent LGBT Pride Reception, but I'd been keeping an eye on him as a rising star in our ranks for several years prior to our June meeting as an aide to current Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges.

Now Phillipe is going to take the political plunge and run for the Minneapolis City Council and I couldn't be happier for him.   If he succeeds in doing so, he would not only become the first out Black transmasculine person elected to any political office in the United States , he would also become the first transperson period in the US elected to a city council in a city with more than 250,000 people. (Minneapolis FYI has 416,000 people and climbing)

If you can contribute something to his campaign, please do so.

Now more than ever we need to be building trans community political power, and the more people we get elected to public office from our community, the better.


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Lane Cunningham