Together 4 Ward: Weaving Our Community Fabric

When a community like North Minneapolis suffers from lack of investment for generations, we are robbed of our community fabric and identity. Also, we all know the Northside’s bad reputation precedes it for most. Nearly every Northsider has experienced the negative reaction people have when we tell them where we live, but we know better.


This community is full of good people who deserve to be invested in and celebrated just like anywhere else in the city. The 4th Ward is the most diverse ward in Minneapolis. Let’s celebrate that to the fullest together!

Right now, we have the opportunity to rediscover our shared vision, future, and humanity and weave our community fabric in ways that break from history.

Together, we can change the narrative of the Northside and build a village who looks out for and cares for each other.

As the City Councilmember for the 4th Ward, I will launch Together 4 Ward to bring our community closer together by:

  • Collaborating with the community for a visioning process for neighborhoods to come together and define their shared vision. These small area plans will serve as my blueprint as City Councilmember. They will also inform how I, as the 4th Ward’s representative, will remain accountable to the community.

  • Establishing more 4th Ward traditions like community-wide events celebrating diverse cultural holidays and opportunities for intergenerational relationship building.

  • Growing arts in our community and increasing arts programming by collaborating with Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, nonprofit organizations, and Northside artists.

  • Establishing more public green spaces through community gardens and developing certified wildlife habitats in collaboration with Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board and local nonprofits. These green spaces improve the overall environmental health of our community. They also help to increase public safety, beautify the neighborhoods, reduce water pollution, and improve mental health.

  • Creating more shared public gathering spaces by developing more Northsider-owned small businesses like restaurants and cafes in the ward. It’s time to have places to bring our friends who don’t live here to see for themselves how great the people of the Northside.