What is Community Wealth?

While money plays a role, community wealth is deeper than just more of it in people’s pockets. Building community wealth means breaking the cycles of generational poverty and violence in ways that meets people where they are and lifts everyone up. It means to be a community unified by our shared vision, future, and humanity.

Community wealth is the 4th Ward’s pathway to become the village we, Northsiders, want to see.

As our City Council representative, I will focus on 8 key areas to build community wealth in the 4th Ward:

  1. Growing the number of Northsider-owned small businesses in the ward

  2. Increasing housing stability and homeownership

  3. Bringing environmental justice to the Northside

  4. Improving the health and wellness of Northsiders as individuals and as a community

  5. Expanding youth opportunities to set them up for success

  6. Building safer neighborhoods and a just city

  7. Empowering community voice in City Hall

  8. Together 4 Ward: Weaving a Community Fabric